Android App Blocks Spammers


Mr. Number: Free (Google Play Store)

In the past, I was getting robo-calls reminding me of my debt crisis. Now, I’m getting repetitive spam texts trying to sell me stuff I don’t want. Oddly enough, it got worse after I registered with the “Do Not Callâ€� list. For Android users, the app Mr. Number can block spam numbers from calling or texting your phone.


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With the app, users see an inbox that contains calls and texts, making it easier to block either type of communication from certain numbers. A user can even go as far as blocking calls from anyone who is not in their trusted contacts list. The app relies on users to report spam numbers, which end up on a suspected spam list. Users can block this entire list or just specific numbers. For all of you Android owners who get spammed everyday, I suggest you try it out.

As for me? I’m going to go ahead ignore that “political polling� call that keeps offering me a free cruise to the Bahamas.

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Credit: Mr. Number

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