One-Handed Mode, Header Options Added To Pure Nexus ROM |

Google Nexus, one of the most popular independent ROMs among Nexus and Google Pixel fans, received a new update that adds one-handed mode and the ability to change header options. The Pure Nexus Project aims to create a stable ROM that will offer a plethora of options for heavy users while keeping the Google vision for UI design and layout intact. The team working on the project said this update will work on the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL but is also compatible with all Nexus smartphones running Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Pure Nexus uses the Substratum theme engine, currently one of the most popular engines among the XDA Developers forum users. The engine offers many customization options and tons of tweaks for the lock screen, notification menu, status bar, navigation bar, power menu, and other interfaces. While it’s mostly used on smartphones, Pure Nexus was also ported to a variety of other devices including Android TV.

The new one-handed mode allows users to easily operate their smartphones by navigating through their many menus with just a single hand. Many advanced UIs offer this option which has been getting increasingly popular in recent years. The new Pure Nexus update also brings additional options for customizing Headers, allowing users to change the background of the Header area of their device. According to a changelog posted on Reddit, this Pure Nexus update also ships with support for the double tap to sleep feature on the Shortcuts bar. Additionally, the latest version of the ROM now offers direct access to the Quick Settings tuner bar for themes.

The new Pure Nexus update also adds new round icons for apps which correspond to the design changes introduced by Android 7.0 Nougat. This addition is in line with what the Project Pure Nexus aims to accomplish seeing how its creators are striving to deliver a user experience that’s similar to Google’s design vision. Note that flashing new ROMs can potentially brick your device and voids your warranty in most scenarios, so experiment at your own risk. Still, if you’re looking for a new user experience that is relatively similar to Google’s own products, Pure Nexus is worth giving a shot.